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How to make a Portal gun replica (hint: it's not easy)


Harrison Krix describes himself as a "dork," but we consider him very, very cool. He's the graphic designer who created the astonishingly accurate ASHPD (Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device) we first showed you a couple weeks back. Krix built the mock Portal gun for his cosplayer girlfriend -- if that's not devotion, we don't know what is -- and has now revealed the entire process to GameDaily.

The build is detailed in more than 100 steps, should you, ya know, want to try it yourself. There's even a gallery of a very happy Emily (above) showing off the finished gun. Speaking of which, our pals at Engadget recently posted a hands-on video of this most drool-worthy creation. You can check it out here.

Gallery: Portal Gun Replica | 21 Photos

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