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Mysterious PS3 eSATA adapter promises massive HDD storage

Majed Athab

Without any markings distinguishing a designer, it's difficult to discern whether this miracle storage solution for the PS3 actually exists. Dubbed "PS3 HD Plus PHE-01," this supposed eSATA adapter latches to the bottom of any PS3 promising connectivity to an external SATA hard disk for some majorly powerful storage capacity.

Sure, there are other ways of getting massive amounts of bytes onto the PS3. One can simply swap in a new internal 2.5" SATA into the system, or even just hook up any old USB hard drive with little hassle; however, the latter won't give the same transfer speed as an eSATA. From the looks of it, the PHE-01 also comes with an additional four USB ports. Still, there isn't much else we know about this product or if it is even commercially viable ... or real. Maybe it's a leaked prototype perhaps? While we ponder this, you can check out more images of it at Gemaga.

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