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The Daily Grind: Mixing your worlds

We actually got this image from one of our readers, Neadric, who mailed it in the other day. He had apparently been waiting on a raid in World of Warcraft, and decided to play some Lord of the Rings Online while he waited. Of course, the thing is that this isn't terribly uncommon around the virtual offices. Personally, I know I've run as many as three at once, although most of the time it's just two. My regular mix is EVE Online running alongside another MMO - generally World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, or Lord of the Rings Online lately. But this raised the question amongst the staff - how many other people out there are joining us in playing two MMOs at once? We know Neadric can't be the only one! What's your favorite combination to play at the same time? How do you focus?

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