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Analyst: Game consoles are most Internet connected STB, but Blu-ray players will lead growth


Wondering about the progress of the "connected home" so effectively diagrammed above? In-Stat's got the numbers, noting that by June 2008, nearly 43% of U.S. Windows PCs were of the Media Center variety, and found 64% of respondents at least somewhat interested in streaming video from the Internet to their TV. As it is, it looks like getting your Internet video service onto a game console is the best move (you don't say?) since they're the most commonly 'net connected CE device, but thanks to BD-Live and plunging hardware prices, the analysts see Blu-ray players leading growth. We're just hoping the additional details in the $3,495 version include telling higher ups that we'd like more selection and surround sound to go with our streaming HD. Any other requests?

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