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DCUO interview details cross-platform play and rumored release dates

Kyle Horner

Our sister site Joystiq had the opportunity to sit down the DC Universe Online's Senior Producer Wes Yanagi at the New York Comic-con, and cleared up some of our current curiosities about the game. Firstly, Yanagi took the opportunity to debunk any rumors of a later 2009 or early 2010 release date for the game and stated, "I would say that we don't have a date right now. There's really no date." That sounds pretty cut and dry to us, and it makes sense considering SOE hasn't even moved the game out of alpha testing yet.

Additionally, Yanagi also commented on cross-platform play between PC and PS3 versions, stating that it's not in the game as of right now. However, it's something SOE would like to do, but simply can't confirm. Since there apparently aren't any advantages between PS3 controllers and keyboard/mouse combos, we'd like to see cross-platform play make it into the game.

There's much more great stuff in the interview, so check it out if you're looking forward to DC Universe Online as much as we are!
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