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Earthrise lead designer on player-driven economy and crafting unique items

James Egan

MMO fans of all things post-apocalyptic are probably eagerly awaiting more info on the in-development game Earthrise. Will it be a breath of fresh air into an industry overwhelmingly dominated by fantasy titles? It's still far too soon to say, but the Earthrise developers, Masthead Studios, have been doing a good job of communicating what their vision for the game is, both in terms of building up a community (pre-beta no less) and actively talking about the title with the gaming press.

The latest bits of info about Earthrise come to us through a Stratics interview with Lead Game Designer Apostol Apostolov. He starts off by succinctly explaining the lore behind the game, but his talk with Stratics also touches upon what he sees as the advantages of using a skill-based advancement system, which tips its hat to Ultima Online. Apostolov also discusses Earthrise's economy, with hints about rewards tied to the offline profession(s) a player chooses. On the subject of the players, Earthrise will have a completely player-run market which could be a boon to crafters.

Players heavily into the crafting side of MMOs should be pleased with how Masthead Studios views that particular playstyle fitting into the world. Apostolov says,"Unlike other games, Earthrise takes away most of the item customization from the end user and puts it in the hands of the crafter, who can use Technologies and Designs to create unique items for every possible situation. This gives crafters an unparallel[ed] influence in the game world and a viable profession that could bring immense riches to those who handle their craft right."

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