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The case of the mysterious dash update has been solved

Dustin Burg

Putting our Sherlock Holmes-like skills to work, we're proud to say that the mystery surrounding the mysterious dashboard update has been solved. Well, more or less solved.

Weeks ago, a select few Xbox Live subscribers were prompted to download an Xbox 360 dashboard update while the majority of folks didn't. The update upgraded the dashboard version from 2.0.7357.0 to a newer 2.07363.0. This week, everyone was prompted to download the HDMI audio fixing dash update and, lo and behold, the new dash version is the same as the mysterious update from weeks ago. So, either Microsoft felt the need to do a trial release of the HDMI audio update a few weeks back or just accidentally released it to a select few. No matter the case, all Xbox Live subscribers should now have a 2.0.7363.0 dash version. Mystery solved.

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