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The Dark Knight Blu-ray Disc up to 2.8 million worldwide, driving PS3 sales


Fresh off saving packaged media and smashing first week sales records, The Dark Knight Blu-ray is up to nearly 3 million copies sold worldwide, according to Senior VP Dorinda Marticorena. Beyond that, while PlayStation 3 sales may not have quite matched the competition in December 2008, 1/3 of the people who did buy counted the latest Batman flick as a reason why. Warner Bros. Q4 numbers also came out today and were up about 7%, not the least of which had to do with TDK outperforming most of the studio's 2007 releases. Hopefully up to the challenge with their home releases this year? The Watchmen and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Good luck.

[Via and Movie Web]

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