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WoW Moviewatch: Keep Browsing


Warning: The language is not appropriate for work.

Keep Browsing is the freshman machinima effort of Swedish author Mozq. Mozq assures us that it's not going to be his last. It's a strong first video, and promises a lot of good things in the future. While the style reminds me somewhat of Wrath of a Couch Potato, the author does a good job of making the format meaningful for each tiny clip.

Like Seth Green's "Robot Chicken," this video features short moments of comedy. Each visual segment is set up and executed very quickly, mostly drawing on the audience's memes and knowledge about the mis en scene to skip any preliminaries. Of course, if you're not steeped in geek or internet culture, a lot of the jokes might buzz by you.

Mozq gives a shout out to machinima greats like Baron Soosdon, from whom he's apparently drawn some level of inspiration. I think this first effort comedy piece is pretty strong. I'm not sure if the micro-segment format is really my thing, but it definitely makes for a quick and easy watch.

[Via Warcraft Movies]

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