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Australia puts sales of WoW, other MMOs on ice


It would seem that the Australian government has been reading Joystiq, as WoW Insider reports that the land down under has banned sales of unrated MMOs -- the same ones we told you about last week. As it stands, selling any MMO without an Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) rating (which includes all but Vanguard and EVE Online) will result in a fine of AU$27,220.80 ($17,452.61) or two years in ye olde slammer.

Blizzard made a brief comment on its own forums, stating that the company "will always respect the laws of the countries in which we operate." Of course, Blizzard and other MMO makers may be able to remedy the situation by submitting their games for classification, something they generally haven't done in the past. As long as the games receive a MA15+ rating or lower (suitable for ages 15 years and up), they're good to peacefully reclaim their retail space.

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