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Call of Duty: World at War gets patch, new map on PC Feb. 6

Justin McElroy

The PC gaming industry may not quite have the earth-shaking force of its heyday, but PC gamers still enjoy the occasional perk. Take for instance the sweet, sweet nectar of patches and updates often weeks or months (Team Fortress 2?) before their console brethren. Tomorrow, PC gamers will enjoy just such a bounty when Call of Duty: World at War gets patched to version 1.2.

Besides the expansive list of changes -- which you can find right after the break -- PC players will also get to feast their mouses on a brand new map! ... OK, sure, it's just a daytime version of the "Makin" map. But it's so free! And so not on consoles.

  • Fixed exploits that allowed for power ranking servers.
  • Fixed router related server authentication errors.
  • Fixed HTTP Redirect functionality for downloading mods
  • Fixed sound device crashes stemming from Emulated Sound Devices
  • Fixed exploit which allowed players to color their name tag.
  • Hits now register properly while targeted player is leaning.
  • Enabled /cg_drawfps in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed command-line +connect functionality
  • /cg_fov no longer resets to the default value in between matches.
  • Dedicated servers automatically reconnect to the Master Server in case the Master Server resets.
  • "Accept Game Invite" is bound to its default key, F10.
  • Implemented fix for attempting to join password protected servers from the server browser.
  • Fine tuned Bolt-Action Rifles for balance.
  • Screenshots no longer overwrite each other.
  • Fixed various multiplayer map related issues and exploits.

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