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First Look: Analytics for iPhone


Google Analytics is a popular and quite useful set of tools for monitoring a web site's traffic and performance. Set up is a snap and the reports are easy to read and flexible. You can create goals, monitor traffic and so on. What more could you want? On-the-go reports via your iPhone? All of your target statistics in your pocket? Oh, all right.

Earlier this week, Michael D Jensen of Inblosam LLC released Analytics App, which presents everything you'd ever want from Google Analytics on your iPhone. It is exhaustive.

When you first launch Analytics App, you're asked for your Google login (you must have a pre-existing Analytics account). From there, a list of all the sites you're monitoring appears. Click any one and view nearly 30 reports, including traffic, visitors, content ... even events tracking you've set up and your own customized reports. It's speedy over Wi-Fi and EDGE.

For example, Analytics App's traffic reports include referring sites, search engines, keywords, AdWords campaigns and more. Set the date range of any report to sort by day, week or month. The Dashboard provides an overview complete with easy-to-read graphs.

For $5.99US, this application is a keeper. Up-to-date stats from all of your sites, available nearly anywhere, makes our geeky little hearts go pitter-pat.

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