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NY strikes again with another video game bill

Majed Athab

New York is quite notorious for its hard-line stance on the war against video games. In this latest episode of 'New York State versus gaming,' Assemblyman Steven Englebright (D) wants to pass a bill which requires retailers to place epilepsy and game-induced seizure warnings "on every video game." Englebright has been trying to push this bill through for the past eight years, according to GamePolitics; which is quite funny, considering that all retail game boxes already contain those very same warnings Mr. Englebright is fighting for. Thanks, New York, for working on yet another redundant law.

But wait, hold the phone. Mr. Englebright's work wasn't all done in vain. There's still the business of games not sold at retail. Expect another eight years and more taxpayer money to go down the drain.

[Via GamePolitics]

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