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One Shots: A break in the WAR

The pace of battle in Warhammer Online can prove to be pretty breakneck. If you're lucky, you'll have a moment like Kyrra got, to stop and survey the tide of battle from a high point nearby. Today's One Shots comes from one such momentary lull during a keep battle at the Well of Qhaysh. Kyrra, a Disciple of Khaine of The Forgotten Souls from the Phoenix Throne server, sent this image in along with the following note: I was in the middle of what was proving to be a very successful keep take, so I stopped to take a moment and appreciate a moment's peace, nestled in between crumbling High Elf walls.

We know there are a lot of battlegrounds players out there, so why not take a moment to snag a screenshot of one of your favorites? Feel free to show off peaceful corners, or the heat of battle - we love 'em both! Just email them to us at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, server, and the game it is taken in. You're welcome to add in a note, but it's not required. We'll post it here and credit you for sending it in.

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