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PS3 household reach in Australia now at 460K units

Majed Athab

For a country with roughly 21 million people and where neighbor's homes are 50km apart, 460,000 PS3 units inside Aussie homes is actually quite a positive number. PS3 household penetration is behind that of the Xbox 360 by less than 80K – and that system came out exactly one year before the PS3. However, as noted by GfK Australia (which has compiled the data), 70K of these PlayStation 3 units we're not sold, but given away in conjunction with Sony Australia's Bravia LCD TV promotion.

In any case, interest in the PS3 seems relatively healthy despite the system being the most expensive. PS3 has a 23 percent share of the current-gen console market in Australia. SCE Australia's Michael Ephraim also said in a separate press release that 50 percent of Aussie PS3 owners are utilizing the PlayStation Network and PS3's other online functions.

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