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Sega trademarks arcade hardware 'Ringedge' and 'Ringwide'

Sega recently filed a series of trademarks that's had doe-eyed arcade nostalgists foaming at the mouth -- the once prolific arcade publisher recently trademarked three related items in the U.S. and Europe: "Ringedge", "Ringwide" and a logo which contains -- you guessed it -- rings. Whatever these items may be, their trademarks designate them for use with arcade game boards, video game software, stand alone video game machines, and arcade game machines with built-in screens.

Normally, we'd make some snotty remark about the decline of arcades in those two territories, but we just can't seem to bring ourselves to do it. This is Sega we're talking about -- the folks who blessed your local quarter-devouring establishment with House of the Dead and The Ocean Hunter. If anyone can restore the Western arcade industry to its former glory, it's those guys.

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