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Sprint has a year to sell Nextel spectrum in iPCS regions

Chris Ziegler

Okay, so it's not just that Sprint can't offer service on iPCS' turf -- it's that they have to offload all that airspace, too. Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois has decided that Sprint needs to sell off its Nextel service areas that overlap with iPCS within 360 days, which marks another big win for the affiliate that's been all up in Sprint's business ever since the Sprint-Nextel merger several years ago. What's more, iPCS has more pending litigation claiming Sprint is withholding "advanced technologies" in favor of iPCS' competitors, so there's still all sorts of bad blood between these two. As for potential suitors for Nextel's obligatory spinoffs, Sprint's not talking -- yet -- but with iDEN's seeming second wind, snatching up that network might not be the worst decision a company could make.

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