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The State of Home Video study predicts a Blu-ray Golden Era of 2014-17


Want to know when, or if Blu-ray will overtake DVD? SNL Kagan's analysts went back to the crystal ball for The State of Home Video report and see high definition DVD (hey, that might include CBHD or HD NVD) taking 59.7% of the market in 2014, peaking in 2017 at 73.8% before video on-demand finally takes over. Still, Blu-ray will start picking up the slack on DVD sales (apparently slowed from earlier predictions by the current economic state) as early as next year, with player sales rising to $1.3 billion and finally reaching the mass market, before spiking in 2013. Unfortunately it appears we're in for quite a few more years of VOD services figuring out their technology and content packages, you ready to hang onto optical formats for a while longer?

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