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Blizzard rejects E3 a second time, Activision going stag

Kyle Horner

Look E3, Blizzard has a lot going on in it's life right now. A big project is being finished up, while some others are just getting started. And then there's that whole World of Warcraft thing keeping them rightly busy as well. So unfortunately -- yet again -- there won't be a E3/Blizzard love-in this year. It's not you, it's them -- really!

Sure, sure. Activision Blizzard is going to be there. You remember them, right? They like to put out all those guitar-y games and hey, there's even a new Call of Duty coming eventually too. Who knows, maybe there'll be an FPSMMO announcement this year and you'll just be the bell of the MMO newsphere ball.

Granted, this is assuming Blizzard doesn't announce a new World of Warcraft expansion or, great Brewmasters forbid, their next-gen MMORPG. Either way, we still love you E3 and that's all that really matters. Right? And as for Blizzard, well... There's always Blizzcon -- if you can manage to get a ticket.

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