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LG's LBA-C300 Bluetooth 'QWERTY Card' is the best calculator look-alike you've seen all week


We could just hug LG for this one. The LBA-C300, which just ran by the FCC, is the texting equivalent of a Bluetooth headset -- a Bluetooth device that allows you to operate your phone without actually pulling out your phone, except this time it's for hitting your peeps with rapidly a rapidly composed "LOL" or "LOL, U R." The generous keyboard looks incredibly typable, and while the entire unit borders on the size of some phones on the market, it means you can leave that bulky numeric keypad dumbphone or hard-to-use touchscreen smartphone in your pocket or bag and get some real communication done with the QWERTY Card. You can also view and store contact info, peep a clock, set an alarm and work you calendar from the device -- the Bluetooth pairing means you can even remotely control your phone's camera, though obviously much of this functionality depends on what phone you pair it with, LG phones are likely to get much better treatment. No word on release date or price, but we'll probably know more once LG actually announces the device officially.

[Via Unwired View]

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