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Limits of adorability tested by 3-button Guitar Hero controller

Justin McElroy

Look at it! We mean, just look at it! Have you ever seen something so mind-numbingly precious in your entire life? The only thing cuter than this baby-sized toy Guitar Hero controller (is that a "toy toy?") would be to watch an actual baby playing Guitar Hero with it. ... Oh, and the baby is wearing a powdered wig and neon sunglasses. (Seriously, what's cuter than that?)

The only un-adorable thing is that this tiny contraption was discovered in a box of Frosted Mini Wheats, meaning we're going to have to buy an inferior cereal if we want one of our very own.

(P.S. Someone needs to update the Instrument Compatibility Matrix to include guitars that only work on our hearts.)

[UPDATE: Our friends at That Video Game Blog report that you can also find the toys in Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Corn Pops and Rice Crispies, so you won't necessarily have to punish your tongue with Mini-Wheats.]

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