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Samsung Acme i8910 gets caught flashing its S60 5th Edition

Chris Ziegler

If there's a single phone that could steal even a sliver of spotlight from the GSM Pre, Windows Mobile 6.5, and a barrage of Android announcements, this beaut could be it. We've already seen the Acme's hardware, but now we have the first shots of Samsung's lovely new slate with the screen on -- and guess what? It's not going to be a WinMo 6.5 launch device, because it just so happens to be running S60 5th Edition. Not only does that make us forget the 5800 ever existed, it seriously puts our pending love for the N97 in jeopardy -- especially when you take into account the alleged 8 megapixel cam, frickin' HDMI support, and a display that would put our own HDTVs to shame. More on this little gem at MWC, we presume.

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