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Top 10 ways Fallen Earth is different from all other MMOs

Shawn Schuster

According to a recent interview at Worlds in Motion, Fallen Earth's lead designer Lee Hammock discusses everything we know about the game, and more. It could be considered a summary of features, all in one interview, yet there are still a few small exclusive tidbits of info. We get a brief summary of how the faction system will work, based on reputation quests instead of a choice you make at character creation. We also get word of a launch date in Q2 of this year, with an open beta coming just before.

But you came here for the top 10 list, didn't you? Follow along after the cut for one of the most nonsensical (but funny) top 10 lists of design features for Fallen Earth that set it apart from other MMOs, according to Mr. Hammock.

1. Grave robbing is a perfectly acceptable form of resource harvesting
2. We have Bigfoot
3. And Chupacabra!
4. You can run around with an assault rifle while wearing samurai armor
5. Dual wielding garden trowels is a viable weapon choice
6. Monkeytown
7. You can craft and wear 3D glasses, monocles and top hats
8. You can talk to "Ballsy Frank"
10. Hide Pants: Something you wear, not something you do.

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