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VC Friday: Sonic Clayos


There's a decent surprise for Europe today on the Virtual Console: the Mega Drive version of Clay Fighter, whose title is a 100% accurate description of the game. It's a fighting game whose characters are made of clay! It accurately parodies the attitude and "edginess" of Mortal Kombat with goofy Claymation characters, and happens to be entirely playable on top of that.

The other Mega Drive release is the Master System Sonic Chaos. While it wasn't exactly lauded upon release in the US this week, it's even less noteworthy in Europe: while we never got the Master System version of the game (only the Game Gear one), Europe did, so it's totally not special.
  • Clay Fighter -- Mega Drive -- 800 Wii Points
  • Sonic Chaos -- Master System -- 500 Wii Points
Footage of both games is available after the break.

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