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WRUP: Do I lose my job if I say Warhammer? edition


Oh dear. It seems one of our own, Mr. Alex Ziebart, is abandoning the our for a weekend in Warhammer Online.

Alex Ziebart: Do I lose my job if I say Warhammer?

Oh, don't worry, Alex. We don't fire people for playing other MMOs. Not often, anyway. But regardless of Alex's fate, for the rest of the team -- and to let us know what you're up to in-game this weekend (Warcraft or otherwise) -- keep reading!

Adam Holisky: Shaman to 77. Northrend leveling is going sooo fast!
Amanda Miller: Visiting my folks and cleaning my apartment. Oh, and kicking Malygos to the curb.
Chase Christian: My Holy Paladin will be attending her first 25-man Naxx, and also planning to hit 5-6 heroics a day on all my toons as I am not on-call this weekend.
Dan O'Halloran: Going to finally make it 80 on my Druid and make the decision on which of the three specs I've been enjoying in Wrath (cat, tree, bird) he is going to really focus on.
Daniel Whitcomb: I'm very close to Both Ebon Blade and Netherwing exalted on my Death Knight, so I'm hoping to finish off the grind for both of those achievements this weekend. I'm also looking at grabbing heroic runs for Oculus, Violet Hold, and Halls of Lightning to finish off some reputations. First things first though, I've decided to upgrade my computer so using Dalaran isn't such a chore. I have some RAM waiting to install, and I'm praying I don't mess up the installation too badly.
Eliah Hecht: I'm going out of town this weekend (DC visit, heck yeah), but if I log on it will be to level my warlock (and maybe try to find those last two quests for Icecrown: The Final Goal -- /shakefist).
Jennie Lees: Deciding which of the following is least tedious: collecting Elders, levelling Herbalism, or levelling Fishing. And figuring out which flatmate or relative I can bribe to do all three for me.
Matthew Rossi: I may just step away from the game entirely and try and get some sleep. Frankly, I'm kind of irritated with the game: the more I play my DK, the more I look at my other characters and sort of shake my head. Addendum: I'm going to run a 4th Edition D&D marathon for some friends.
Matt Low: Leveling up my hydroponic- er, herbalism skill.
Michael Gray: I has my fish. I will finish getting to 80 as a Paladin.
Michael Sacco: Leveling my elemental shaman to 80 and seeing Coraline with the ol' ball-and-chain.
Zach Yonzon: More mind-numbing PvP. Blizzard seriously needs to do something about Warsong Gulch rep.

And for the finishing touch on the last week, we present the top ten things BRK is playing this weekend. (You'll have to imagine your own drumroll.)

10. Got my first feral-druid staff from 10-man Naxx. Gotta level that weapon-skill, foshizzle!
9. Another Hunter in my guild got our first gun from Kel'Thuzud. Time to report him for ToS abuse, the b@stard.
8. Someone tried an SQL-Injection attack on my blog. /trade WTB Hired Goons.
7. The Huge BRK Secret is close to being revealed! Gonna write Paris Hilton on how to organize a BFF television show. (Don't tell Mrs. BRK we're looking for a BFF...)
6. The 3.1 ammo-nerf has got to be a trick! I'm totally making quivers and ammo-pouches by the truckload.
5. Consider going back to Exodar to start getting all 700 Kalimdor quests done for the achievement.
4. Going cold-turkey on the NyQuil; it makes us consider doing stupid achievements for no purpose.
3. Mrs. BRK just accepted a contract job in Connecticut, four-month duration. We live in Orlando. We must shop for a new computer-chair; our @ss is gonna be parked for a long d@mn time.
2. Have our guild-bank file bankruptcy and request the US Federal government send us bailout funds.
1. Guild-quit. Rename our toon, "USAirways". Start our own guild called, "Flight 1549." Load up our Traveler's Tundra Mammoth with two passengers and run into the ocean east of Borean Tundra. Make a BRK-movie. Sell it to Paramount or Universal Studios. Retire in style.

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