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WRUP: Zombie apocalypse edition


Oh boy, um, gosh. This is kind of embarrassing. So, if nobody told you ... the zombie apocalypse is upon us. That's not the bad part. I mean ... it is, but not what I mean. Anyway, funny tragic thing is as part of the WRUP email sent around to the team this week, they were also supposed to mention where they were located so we could send help. Thing is that Ross always did WRUP. With him gone now ... I kinda forgot to send the email until really late. I know, my bad. So, here's what the survivors will be playing this weekend ...

  • Alexander Sliwinski: Made it to The Citadel in Fallout 3. Just going to keep pushing forward on the main campaign. No more distractions.
  • Andrew Yoon: New York Comic Con: The Game.
  • Ben Gilbert: (New guy didn't make it. Cliché, we know.)
  • Christopher Grant: I snagged Unreal Tournament III off of Goozex. Since it's mostly multiplayer – and I've never once seen anyone on my friend's list pIaying it – I'm enlisting the help of one Mr. Ludwig Kietzmann to play with me. When I'm not busy blasting peculiarly shiny bad guys, I'll be spending time in the Capital Wasteland blasting all manner of things.
  • David Hinkle: The sales at Circuit City allowed me to pick up The Force Unleashed cheap, so I'm playing that right now. Outside of that, I'll probably play some more of the Halo Wars demo, as well as my usual distraction, Gears of War 2.
  • Dustin Burg: (Practicing gurgling noises with Boomers.)
  • Griffin McElroy: I'll be putting the finishing touches on Ben There, Dan That. Seriously, folks, if you were a child of Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle, it's your civic duty to play this thing.
  • James Ransom-Wiley: New York Comic Con: The Game.
  • Jason Dobson: Ar tonlico II's automated ladies just can't get enough of my style, but I plan on putting each one of them to bed this weekend as I wrap the game up and then head out on the town to discover that real life just isn't the same.
  • Jem Alexander: This weekend I'll be finishing up the Resident Evil 5 preview code and trying to prevent an AI controlled Sheva from walking into chainsaws too often. Unless the recent British snow has my postman reconsidering his vocation, my Killzone 2 promo copy should arrive tomorrow. Other than that I'll be continuing with Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 on the DS. Who am I kidding? There won't be any time for that with RE5 and KZ2 around.
  • JC Fletcher: Since I found out that the new WiiWare Adventure Island game was on the way, I've had the music from the first NES game stuck in my head. I think I'm going to need to spend some time with Master Higgins. And speaking of NES games I want to play because of WiiWare sequels: Bubble Bobble! Now it is the beginning of a fantastic weekend! Let me make a journey into the cave of monsters!
  • Justin McElroy: (We're not even sure if his internet is back yet.)
  • Kevin Kelly: I'm pounding the plasma out of Halo Wars while playing Diplomacy via Facebook. There's a whole app for it! Plus it lets me haul out my old Avalon Hill copy of the game and follow along at home.
  • Ludwig Kietzmann: I'll be shooting -- I believe the correct term is "fragging" -- Chris repeatedly in Unreal Tournament III, my current multiplayer addiction. I also plan unwrap that Wii copy of Resident Evil 4 that's been sitting here for ages. I always thought RE4 went on for a little too long, but perhaps it'll go by quicker on my second playthrough.
  • Randy Nelson: Three words: Killzone 2. Oh, that's one ... and a number. Okay two more: Burnout Paradise. I've been waiting for what actually feels like two console generations to get my hands on Guerilla's FPS sequel (I was one of the few[?] people who loved the first game) and, well, Burnout is so damned fun ... and freshly upgraded.
  • Richard Mitchell: I am deep into Condemned 2 now. The zombos, they are relentless. I'm also playing Halo Wars. No, not the demo. The real thing. Expect a review later this month. For now, let's just say it's good.
  • Xav de Matos: This week it's all about Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena multiplayer, which I talk all about on next week's episode of the Joystiq Xbox 360 Fancast, Halo Wars, which talking about will unleash Microsoft ninjas and Burnout Paradise, which allows me to relive my horrific mistakes with the new "Restart Event" feature. FIN.
  • Justin Glow: (Perfectly safe and trying to make the site better. He has no time for games.)

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