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BlackBerry Application Suite coming to S60, too?

Chris Ziegler

BlackBerry Application Suite is the ghost of the RIM world, making an occasional appearance as a fuzzy leaked pic -- but to the chagrin of WinMo and BlackBerry fanatics the world over, never actually getting announced or released. Boy Genius Report claims to have more details on what exactly BAS is and how (and where) it's going to work, and for the most part, it's a depressing read -- only the Touch Pro, Fuze, and TyTN will be compatible initially and it's only running BlackBerry OS 4.2 -- but there is one bright spot: Symbian compatibility. Presumably, this means S60 devices will have a crack at the package, and seriously, can you imagine this action humming along on an E71? Sorry, Curve 8900, but your title of "hottest BlackBerry" is in serious danger here.

[Image via BerryReview]

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