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Nokia Siemens Networks' Multiradio Flexi makes 2G / 3G-to- LTE shift easier

Darren Murph

Nokia Siemens Networks made quite a bit of noise at last year's CTIA by introducing an LTE solution for North America, and during this year's run-up to Mobile World Congress, it's vying for attention once more. The outfit's Flexi Multiradio Base Station is an understandably flexible solution that "meets the needs of new and existing 2G and 3G operators who can use their existing infrastructure to deploy new network-wide technologies via simple software upgrade to 3G or LTE." The true multiradio base station should ease concerns from operators worried over divvying up investment dollars for supporting various technologies, and it's even backwards compatible with existing Flexi Base Stations for those looking to spruce up their current hardware. For the consumer, this device could help carriers ease into LTE deployment more quickly, as the whole cut-and-run approach to simply axing one technology and moving over suddenly to another doesn't seem to sit well with most mega-corps.

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