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O2 Germany to launch up to eight Android phones this year?

Darren Murph

Look, this quote is one that could easily be blown way, way out of proportion, but here's the story for you to interpret in any way you see fit. Over in Munich at Innovation Days 2009, an O2 product manager was quoted as saying that "by the end of 2009," it wanted to have "six to eight" Android-powered mobiles out. 'Course, we've already heard that Google-based phones would be trekking to Nordic regions in the not too distant future, so we wouldn't be shocked to see a few filter down to Germany as well. But seriously -- six to eight? Most likely, this fellow was speaking in terms of what he would love to see happen and less about what he knew was coming down the pike. But hey, we'd absolutely love to be wrong about that.

[Via TalkAndroid]

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