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Ruckus music service calls it quits

Darren Murph

While there's clearly demand for downloadable music, there's clearly not enough of it being funneled to Ruckus Network. The oft forgotten music service -- which somehow reckoned it could take on the likes of Rhapsody, Apple, Microsoft and countless others in the saturated digital download space -- has officially folded. Quite honestly, we're shocked that it managed to hang on for this many years, though we suppose its demise was always just a matter of time. Ruckus' homepage now directs to the image you see above, giving the four avid users no indication of whether any partial refunds or gratis hugs will be given out. Rest in peace, Ruckus -- we're sure you'll find comfort in knowing that you were already dead to 99 percent of us.

[Thanks, nizzy1115 and Gabriel]

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