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Velvet Assassin box art is explosive, leathery

Dustin Burg

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Southpeak Games and Replay Studios' Velvet Assassin has been taking the whole stealth concept a bit too literal, remaining quiet about game specifics and release date details. But that doesn't mean the box art has to stay hidden. Viewable here, the packaging artwork is one part BOOM!, equal part black leather and a dash of average.

We're also informed that our good friend Peter Chung (who really isn't our pal, but we fantasize to be our drinking buddy) partnered with SouthPeak by putting together a 15+ page graphic novel that will be gifted to those who pre-order Velvet Assassin at GameStop. Chung will also contribute to the game's sure to be sexually charged storyline.

Did we mention this game remains too stealth for our liking?


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