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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup forgot how to multitask

Weve decided to take a cue from the apparently reviled controls from the Resident Evil 5 demo and throw our multitasking abilities to the wind While some of you might find this odd or worse impossible to read weve found that not being able to use words and punctuation simultaneously not only allows us to follow in the footsteps of manlyman Chris Redfield but also provides us with a more efficient way to knock out our daily writing duties Also as an unforeseen added bonus we finally understand the formerly befuddling poetry of EE Cummings '.(,)'-,.,,...

While you call up your cryptographer buddies to try to make sense of our new convenient form of transcription you should definitely check out the comics listed below It was a bountiful harvest this week with a topical offering from Dipswitch a nostalgialaden strip from Monday Night Crew the continuation of Hiimdaisys illustrated MGS3 parody and many many more You know the drill Polls after the break comments are below that Get to work ,,.,,-,',,.:',.!

Before They Were Famous: The Hunter (MNC)
Let's Destroy The Shagohod, Part 2 (Hiimdaisy's Livejournal)
Role-Playing Shame (Hsu & Chan)
Video Game Medicine (Digital Unrest)
The Susurrous Sandwich (Penny Arcade)
In a Fragile State (2P Start)
Let's Let Chris Redfield Handle It, Instead (Dipswitch)


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