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WoW Insider Show live this afternoon at 3:30pm EST

Mike Schramm

Today on the show, we're gonna have a good ol' podcastin' time. Michael Sacco, formerly known as "Belfaire," is returning to the show, as is Turpster, and we'll be talking all about patch 3.1 and all of the changes we heard about this week (there's lots of them, if you haven't been paying attention), specifically what we've been told about mana regeneration and what's up with all of the classes (no ammo?!?). We'll also chat about the Darkmoon cards, and about playing the Horde and why so many people are into it.

Should be fun -- come visit us on the Ustream page this afternoon at 3:30pm Eastern (or just head right below the cut of this post -- I've embedded the stream below), and be ready to chat some Warcraft with us (both during the show and the usual aftershow). Don't forget that you can email us as well -- the address is, so hit us up if you've got a comment or question.

We'll see you this afternoon at 3:30pm Eastern.

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