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WRUP: Who isn't playing EVE edition


It seems there's been some excitement in EVE Online this week. At the dawn of the week, everyone was talking about the PVP tournament assassination and by the end of the week everyone had something to say about Band of Brothers disbanding. The end result? More of your Massively staff are in EVE this week than any other game.

  • Brendan Drain: This weekend I'll be preparing a plan on what to do in EVE when the next expansion hits in March and watching the BoB drama unfold. I'll also be going to an all-nighter LAN party on Saturday to celebrate someone's birthday, too, which should be fun. Oh, and I finally hit level 60 on my Bruiser "Mailea" in EverQuest 2. \o/
  • Colin Brennan: Final Fantasy XI has my attention this weekend. Getting my friend up to level 10 so we can go hit Valkurm Dunes together. Then, later in the weekend, getting to level 77 in World of Warcraft.
  • James Egan: With all the drama in EVE Online this week, I'll probably be glued to that game, plus the Alliance PvP Tournament is being streamed in live video this weekend. Anything else I do will involve a Spy, a butterfly knife, and Team Fortress 2. Maybe killing zombies as well.
  • Krystalle Voecks: I'll be offline for most of the weekend myself between homework, projects and a date with my other half to go see Coraline. If I do get a moment to game, I'll probably stick with console games since I don't get sucked into those as long.
  • Kyle Horner: Since everyone I know seems to be downloading the EVE Online client, I'm tempted to eschew MMOs this weekend and play Aurora Feint on my iPhone. It's either that, or I pretend like I'm playing Jumpgate Evolution
  • Michael Zenke: I'm going to play this awesome game called Packing to Move Across the Country (Multiplayer Edition). It has a pretty low Metacritic score but I'm feeling obligated to try to ding a few levels just the same.
  • William Dobson: Coming home from interstate this weekend. After the joys of travel are over, I will probably get back into a bit of Vanguard, and perhaps even venture over to my growing (and already huge) stack of plastic-sealed console games and try to knock at least one off the "to-play" list.
So, dear readers, that's what we're playing. But what are you playing this weekend?

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