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InFocus IN5108 daytime-ready projector gets reviewed

Steven Kim

The InFocus IN5108 might be just what you're looking for if you need a projector that can do duty as your primary HDTV display, at least according to the Good Gear Guide review. The industrial design might not win your heart over, but the real beauty to this beamer is the abundance of light that spills out of the lens and wash away the ambient light in your room -- the review says 5,000 lumens, but InFocus specs the unit at 4,000. Either way, it was plenty of candlepower to make all 1400x1050 pixels of the 3LCD projector watchable in a bright, sunlit room. Before you jump on this $5500 cannon, remember to set aside some money to replace the 2,000 hour bulb and keep in mind that it's big enough you won't want to be sneaking it in and out of the workplace conference room on a regular basis.
[Via ARN]

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