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NYCC 09: Riding a mech in Resistance Retribution


Resistance Retribution continues to impress. Bend's upcoming prequel to Resistance 2 will be one of the best looking games on PSP when it releases next month. You should be familiar with our glowing praise of the game's standard third-person combat. The team has really nailed PSP controls perfectly. However, at Comic Con, we were able to try another section of the game. Here, players will get a chance to ride a giant mech. It's a fairly straightforward segment which gives players access to a chaingun and giant explosive missiles. The destructive power on display is rather impressive, but there are some tactics to consider.

You can't spam your weapons. Players will want to keep a close eye on the bottom right side of the screen to see when their missiles are ready. When there are flying enemies, for example, it's best to aim at the floor below and let the splash damage take out a large handful of enemies. Even with regenerating armor it's pretty rough.

Check out screens of this new mode in our gallery:


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