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Watch this strikingly good Star Trek Online character customization video

Kyle Horner

Look, we know City of Heroes was the first MMO to offer so many character customization options it caused brains to melt out of people's nostrils. And it's becoming exceedingly apparent that Champions Online will have a customization system that will cause our once-liquefied brains to ooze their way back into our skulls and do the chicken dance -- but this new Star Trek Online video is almost too much.

What are our brains supposed to do when they process the fact that craniums, noses and more can be dynamically scaled? That scar textures can be applied and then moved around the head freely? Don't even get us started on the reality that we can finally make that Klingon-Vulcan hybrid race, either. Take a look at the dauntingly awesome video after the break.

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