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10-inch Aspire One's battery downgraded after reviewers have their fill

Tim Stevens

In most industries there's a long and sordid history of manufacturers giving cars, motorcycles, computers, and just about any other consumer product a little something extra to make sure they perform well for the media. Asus seemingly got caught doing just that to its Eee PC 900 last year, installing batteries with additional oomph for reviewers, and now we seemingly have a case of Acer following its competition's tracks straight into a bad PR situation, saying that it "inadvertently" shipped the first batch of 10-inch Aspire One netbooks (the ones sent to reviewers) with six-cell batteries rated at 5800mAh. Most consumers, however, will receive packs rated at just 4400mAh, which should shave two or three hours from its overall battery life. Those who've pre-ordered may get lucky and get the larger batt, but, like some lithium-laced Cracker Jack box, there's no way to tell what's inside until you open the package and have a look-see. Best of luck.

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