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Haptic Compass gives you sense of direction, not style


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While most folks can get by just fine by simply looking at a compass, Eric from Monkeys & Robots decided to see just how just how far he could push things and ultimately arrived at the Haptic Compass, which he says roughly simulates the magnetic orientation in migrating birds. To do that, Eric made use of a digital compass, twelve vibrating pager motors and, of course, an Arduino, all of which got brought together in belt form. When switched on, the belt simply buzzes the appropriate motor to indicate which way is north, and it can also be paired with an iPhone (or other device, presumably) to direct the wearer to a specific destination. Unfortunately, Eric doesn't seem to have yet provided a complete how-to, but those with the requisite skills should be able to pick up most of the necessary details by hitting up the read link below.

[Via MAKE:Blog]

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