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Rumored BlackBerry 9300 "Gemini" appears, Bold gulps

Chris Ziegler

After BlackBerry types lay eyes on the 8900, the same question immediately gets asked time and time again: "Why would I buy a Bold over this?" Indeed, it's hard to argue that the 8900 isn't the better looking handset, but for now, the Bold gets to lord its fancy-schmancy 3G radio over the 8900's technologically inferior head. That might just be where the rumored 9300 "Gemini" comes into play, though, which -- according to Boy Genius Report -- will feature a larger, higher-res screen than the 8900's already amazing display, a beefy processor, a slightly more "rounded" keyboard, and most importantly, quadband EDGE plus triband HSDPA. There isn't any solid information on a release window for this one yet (we'd doubt that even RIM has an answer for that one at this point), so if you had a Bold in mind, don't feel bad about pulling the trigger -- yet.

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