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Screen Media plans lowered MSRP for Blu-ray releases


At least someone has some sense when it comes to Blu-ray pricing as Screen Media, the indie studio home of such notable flicks as Battle in Seattle, Personal Effects and Lymelife, is releasing its first Blu-ray movies next month, with an MSRP roughly $10 less than most. A quick glance at Amazon reveals a preorder price that's $5 or $6 less than most mainstream new releases. Senior VP Suzanne Blech cites the price premium of Blu-ray (still $10~ for these movies) as being even harder to overcome for this studio's lesser known movies that typically feature established actors. Talking to Video Business, she also took into account the higher cost of Blu-ray authoring, but thinks the studio will be able to remain profitable even with lower prices, all we can do is hope that this trend is the one that catches on.

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