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WinMo 6.5 screenshots show off Marketplace, Outlook Live, more

Chris Ziegler

The Windows Mobile 6.5 leakfest leading up to MWC continues with a handful of new screenshots showing what appears to be an icon for the rumored SkyMarket app store (called Marketplace here), My Phone, and Outlook Live -- possibly the service we've heard called SkyLine in the past. It's pretty cool to see all the "Sky" stuff in one place here, but on the other hand, the presence of the same old Programs screen we've been used to since the beginning of time is a serious disappointment. On the flipside, the updated Windows Media Player is looking solid, with a big, finger-friendly menu that should be a big step forward from the version bundled with 6.1. Really, though -- other than the cloud services, is there anything here a WinMo OEM hasn't done on its own with creative skinning?

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