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Keepin' it real fake, part CLXXXII: HKC Touch clone sports Android looks at a WinMo price


The folks at "HKC" are back on the scene with the Imobile V413 handset. This Touch-esque KIRF boasts a dual WinMo 6.1 / Android OS -- and we're not entirely sure what this means. Other HKC phones have claimed compatibility with both operating systems, and we must admit that the screenshot does look pretty legit. Compared to the for real Touch, this thing appears to have some pretty OK specs, including: a 2.8-inch touchscreen, GPS, WiFi, a 2 megapixel camera and support for audio and video playback. Well played, Imobile. Your move, HTC. Available for $410, or in lots of 50 for $398 each.

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