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Lifetime and Merscom team up on new iPhone, PC games


As far as we're concerned, Lifetime really only has one thing going for it, and that's reruns of The Golden Girls. Apparently, the channel is much more than that, commanding quite the legion of followers. It's this popularity that has caused Merscom and Lifetime Networks to team up to produce two hidden-object PC games, a downloadable PC simulation game, and an iPhone game, for a total of 4 games based on Lifetime properties.

Merscom and Lifetime aren't strangers, as the two collaborated on a previous title, Blood Ties, based on a Liftime series of the same name. It was successful enough, selling nearly 100,000 units in 2008. While many ladies that enjoy the network's site and programming will be delighted by this news, we know of a few men who won't be cheering for Lifetime.

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