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Revel in OXM's Brutal Legend cover story

Justin McElroy

How's this for objectivity? We love every scrap of Brütal Legend we've ever seen and when it comes out it's going to be so good and we're going to love it so much that we can't think about it too long or our hearts start to hurt a little. Keeping all that in mind, it should come as no surprise that we didn't just read the OXM cover story on the game that's finally online. We bathed in it, letting its digital ink and virtual pages seep into our every eye pore. Could you have read most (or all of this) in the magazine? Sure. But not everyone's a subscriber and besides, it's been more than a month since we've had to go searching for our umlaut key, so there.

And hey, imagine your delight at discovering even small details like the name for Eddie's massive, literal axe (The Separator) and his metaphorical axe (Clementine). Will those of you who haven't read the print version of this story find even more delectable details? Read on, friends, and find out!

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