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The Matrix Online says goodbye to a developer


The Matrix Online is saying goodbye to one of their main developers as Ben Chamberlain, aka "Rarebit," leaves the MxO staff on February 13th. Rarebit was largely responsible in the last months for continuing the Matrix Online's main story via many live events each week -- the events that have kept the spirits of the dwindling community interested in the game.

According to his leaving note, Rarebit is also concluding his work in the games industry after 10 years of work.

His departure from the staff will begin shortly after Update 66 launches on live servers on February 12th. Update 66 will include the very critical patch that will clear up the many visual corruptions that occur when a user runs Matrix Online on Windows Vista, as well as provide secrets that Rarebit is holding to his chest. Rarebit has also announced that he will be releasing the outlines for the rest of the MxO storyline, providing all the wrap-ups to the game's main plot that have occurred since chapter 5.2.

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