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Epson adopts new color metric for projector performance

Steven Kim

Anyone who's even casually compared front projectors knows there's a lot more to performance than just the number of lumens spilling out the front lens. It turns out that seemingly simple metric is skewed as well, and Epson is going to adopt a Lumita-developed measurement called "Color Light Output" to get a better handle on things. Projector brightness is measured from a white field, which means that for models that use more than just RGB primaries for image formation -- like 4LCD projectors -- the white field can be quite a bit brighter than the sum of the red, green and blue fields and give a misleading representation of white brightness relative to color brightness. The new "color illuminance" figure is the sum of the red, green and blue brightness only and will appear alongside the traditional white brightness. This all sounds very similar to last year's Color Brightness measurement that Sony and Epson backed, and we're all for more meaningful and thorough specs, but the bottom line remains the same -- trust your own eyes.

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