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Guitar Hero 'greatest hits compilation,' new GH DS coming by mid-year

During today's Activision Blizzard conference call, Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith boasted of a "robust lineup" of three new Guitar Hero titles dropping before the midpoint of the year: Guitar Hero: Metallica in Q1 as well as "a new Guitar Hero game for the Nintendo DS" and "a separate greatest hits compilation Guitar Hero game" in calendar Q2, (through June). In case that's not clear, the Guitar Hero Greatest Hits pack (or GH2 as we're likely to think of it) will include "full-band versions of some of the most popular songs from previous Guitar Hero games and will be made available for the 360, PS3 and Wii."

Something tells us that despite some healthy competition from the likes of Rock Band, with products like this "greatest hits compilation" on the way, we're not going to be ripping our Guitar Hero tracks anytime soon.

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