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Healers know you're dying. Don't yell.

Zach Yonzon

Ambrosyne wrote an interesting post in her blog the other day, making a nice point about not yelling at healers. She addresses the point essentially to DPS classes who yell over vent that they need healing. She explains -- with the illustration above -- that she sees everyone's health bars and that "99% of the time, we know when you're dying." So don't yell.

She's actually polite enough not to tell her fellow raid members not to ask for heals. And nice enough not to reveal that if you really put off a healer, you won't get healed at all. I remember back in the days of Molten Core where we had this inept Hunter who refused to Feign Death because it "dropped his DPS". That same Hunter always asked for heals even though he wasn't supposed to be taking much damage sitting in the back of the raid, firing from afar. It got to the point where, on the healers' chat channel, we all agreed not to heal him. Sure enough, in the next pull, he steals aggro, refused to Feign Death, and dies. With a little help -- or lack of it.

That's the truth about healing, for the most part. Healers are already on their toes watching everybody's lives. That's their role. You don't often hear yelling at DPS to, well, DPS, do you? They're expected to DPS. Even when they fall below a certain DPS threshold, you won't hear the raid leader chew them out. Most of the time, at least. Ambrosyne points out that pretty much all she sees are feet. That's right, feet. Because healers play a little mini-game watching Grid and often miss out on the action. If you're dying, they know it. So as a public service announcement, we're reminding all of you not to yell at your healers. It just might mean you'll get healed.

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