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NCsoft Europe cuts 70 jobs at Brighton office

Shawn Schuster

In the continuing saga of NCsoft, we get word that their European office in Brighton, UK has just laid off around 70 employees this morning. This new comes straight out of the offices themselves, and a short write-up over at While the details have yet to be confirmed by NCsoft officials, it is said that only a handful of employees remain at the office.

All of this news rides on the heels of last year's news regarding NCsoft's first round of layoffs and the closing of Tabula Rasa later this month. Does this mean an eventual closing of the office completely? Will this affect the development of future NCsoft products such as Aion or Guild Wars 2? None of this is known at this time, but be sure to keep your eye on Massively for any breaking new developments in this story.

[Update: The original story has been removed and replaced.]

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